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Worship at Congregational UCC

Sunday Morning Worship

Worship is central to who we are as a community of faith. We gather together for worship each Sunday morning at 11:00am to sing, pray, and listen for God's word to be spoken to us anew in our time and place. We gather to be inspired, empowered, and challenged to live ever more faithfully in God's way of love, justice, and peace.

The Sunday worship service is live streamed, then posted on UCC Sundays at 11:00am CST.

We celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion during worship on the first Sunday of each month and during our Maundy Thursday worship service in the season of Lent.

We also celebrate the sacrament of Baptism as we welcome new siblings into the Christian faith promising to partner with them as we all continue to grow in our faith and live more fully as God's beautiful, gifted, beloved children.

* Due to the COVID-19 Variants, masks are encouraged, but not required for in person worshippers.  
Church Membership


Children in Worship

Children are welcome and encouraged to fully participate in worship at Congregational United Church of Christ.  We believe that the curiosity and energy of children are gifts from God meant to be celebrated rather than suppressed. However, we do have a nursery stocked with books and toys should your little one need more freedom of movement and expression; the service can be heard in the nursery through our speaker system.

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Disclaimer: Newton Congregational United Church of Christ cannot guarantee that in-person attendance at a church event will not result in contracting the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 or any other virus, bacteria, or illness

Newton Congregational United Church of Christ assumes no liability for communicable disease believed to be contracted at the church.  Persons who attend any event at the church do so at their own risk.

Please stay home if you have signs of a communicable illness of any kind.

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