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Lay Leadership in Worship

Our worship services are made richer and more meaningful

through the service of our members and friends.


Every Sunday morning, a warm smile and welcoming presence greets each person who enters the church doors for worship.



Once worshipers make it into the Sanctuary, they are welcomed by friendly ushers. The ushers also see to it that the service is documented and pass the offering plates. On the first Sunday of each month, they also serve the communion elements (the bread and wine/grape juice) to worshipers sitting in the pews.


Lay Readers

Each worship service is centered around a reading from the Bible. The scripture for the day is read by a different lay reader every Sunday, giving the congregation the opportunity to hear our sacred text spoken by a diversity of voices as well as to proclaim these holy words.



Our beautiful chancel is adorned with gorgeous floral arrangements or plants each Sunday. This representation of God's bountiful creation is provided by a parishioner each Sunday of the month except the first Sunday when the Worship and Music Committee provide a special arrangement for Holy Communion. Members and friends of the church are also invited to help fund the purchase of poinsettias and Easter lilies during the season of Advent and Easter, respectively, as they give gifts in honor or memory of loved ones.


Musical Moments & Meditations

Each Tuesday we livestream and post an inspirational message and musical selections.  Members volunteer to share these weekly messages.

If you would like to volunteer to serve the church in one of these ways,

you may sign up on a clipboard in the church vestibule or contact the church office.

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