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Christian Education

     In the gospels, Jesus is shown calling disciples (students) and teaching them and the crowds that gathered around him as he challenged them to think differently regarding who God is and how to live authentically as children of God. We who seek to be followers, disciples of Jesus are destined for a lifetime of learning.

     Prior to the pandemic, we offered two on-going opportunities for such study in the forms of a weekly Thursday evening book study and a monthly Wednesday "Morning Circle." Additionally, we were engaged in a monthly Tuesday evening study focused on religious diversity and a Sunday morning study focusing on our call to care for God's creation. Some of these opportunities are continuing to be offered virtually. Find out more below!

Thursday Evening Study
We finished the book!
Caste by Isobel Wilkerson is a great book that we finished in April. The topic is racism and each of our participants had eye-opening experiences reading it. It should be noted that half our members are from other churches. We are taking a break from book study for the summer and will gather again in the fall. We welcome additions to the group (just try us once!) and also suggestions for books to read. We have traditionally met at 5:00 on Thursday evenings at the Parish House.  You may also join our discussion via Zoom.
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